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Happy Occupational Therapy Month!

Posted Fri, Apr 26th, 2019 By Cheshire Home

April is Occupational Therapy Month, and we’re celebrating Cheshire Home’s amazing OT team! Occupational Therapy is crucial to the rehabilitation of our residents. It’s in our PT and OT room that each resident sets goals to advance physically, with the ultimate goal of reaching their highest level of self-sufficiency and independence. We applaud the hard work of our Occupational Therapists, Lauren Rosario and Rachel Pantelis, and thank them for their continued support. Their traditional knowledge within he OT field and innovative ideas truly change the lives of our residents!

What does Occupational Therapy mean to our residents?

“OT means getting your body back and your strength back.  It’s about learning to focus more on your body.” - Darius

“OT helps you get back to your occupations, or in other words, the things you enjoy doing.”- Danny

“OT means working on your hands and fingers.  I can now wash my body by myself.”-Oscar

“OT helped to get back to a place where I can do more for myself and be more independent.  It helps me do the things I did before even it’s a new way.”- Tracey

“OT helps to fix the things you can’t do.  Helps you move your hands better, feed yourself better, wash yourself, just everything.”- Tony

“OT helps improve the abilities of people in need in order to increase independence and improve quality of life.”- Neil

“OT helped me so much.  I can now sit up on my own and transfer myself from my wheelchair.  It just makes everything easier for me.”- Roger

“What does OT mean to me?  It means everything to me.  I can move my hand again. That’s priceless.”- Maciej

“OT helps you do the daily things are important to you”- Charlie

“OT made me feel strong enough to feed myself, which is awesome.”- Hasan

“OT is the use of therapeutic activities and exercises to help people with disabilities perform what occupies their time.”- Aodhan

“OT means adapting everything to compensate for one’s loss of function. It makes life easier.”- Jenna

“OT gives me to ability to use tools and surpass goals of increased range of motion, stability and dexterity.”- Perry

“OT gives me the opportunity to re-instate my abilities to use my upper extremities and fine motor skills.  Here it has been exceptional. I am looking forward to reaching my full potential in OT.”- Bryan


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