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Volunteers....Always Getting the Job Done!

H EThroughout our rich history, a solid core of volunteers has added immeasurably to the success of our facility. Always bringing a warm smile, a giving spirit, and a desire to help, our volunteers have touched many lives individually, and they have collectively, through group projects, helped us in a variety of ways to upgrade the quality of our living environment.

Corporate and Student Teams of Volunteers generously dedicate "days of caring and sharing" to Cheshire Home, Cheshire II and Cheshire III. All in the course of one fun day, generous amounts of elbow grease are used and small "sprucing up" projects are completed! A little painting here, Reca little landscaping there....beautiful!

Individual volunteers have often become extended members of our Cheshire family, familiar faces, wonderful folks who provide companionship, participate in special events and celebrations, or share their own unique talents in a variety of ways! Individuals who assist residents Plantingpersonally must be 18 or over, and complete training prior to volunteering.

 Community Groups frequently visit our home, sometimes performing for our residents, sometimes stopping by to join an evening of fun and games. A good time is had by all!


Recent Grants

  • Rotary Club of Madison
    6/14/17   $1,200
  • Hyde & Watson Foundation
    5/25/17   $10,000
  • Novartis Philanthropy
    1/25/17   $8,500
  • Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation
    1/9/17   $10,000
  • Margaret Darrin Foundation
    12/10/16   $5,000
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