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Circle Of Champions and Esteemed Benefactors

The F.M. Kirby Foundation is a True Champion of Cheshire Home, having enabled us to consistently upgrade our health care facility for over two decades. In August 2018 the Foundation awarded Cheshire Home a $20,000 grant to support the expansion of our Physical and Occupational Therapy Center.  This was the latest of many projects supported by the Foundation, including the renovation of the main entrance of our facility and reception area, dining room, terrace, shower suites, nursing station and a host of other projects!

F. M. Kirby is a family foundation with deep roots in our local community. Its philosophy of financial support  reflects its belief that "when people are united in a charitable cause, which is right and good, the impossible becomes possible." Dedicated to encouraging independence and self-determination for all people, the foundation supports education, health and medicine, the arts and humanities, civic and public affairs, and religious, welfare and youth organizations.

The Hyde & Watson Foundation located in Warren, New Jersey, has for many years awarded a $10,000 grant to Cheshire annually. We dedicate these funds to upgrades to our health care facility, most recently the purchase of two specialized CARE-ASSIST hospital beds, the purchase and installation of a new refrigeration unit in our Dietary Department, and the upgrade our facility’s security camera system. In the past, the Foundation also supported the construction of a new nursing office, and the renovation of our lobby, dining room, living room, and corridors, and the exterior painting of our health care facility.

The Foundation (which was consolidated from the Lillian Babbitt Hyde Foundation and the John Jay and Eliza Jane Watson Foundation)dedicates itself to capital projects such as renovations, upgrades, and equipment purchase. It also offers limited support for scientific research, education, social services, the arts, health, religion, and humanities, to Essex, Morris and Union Counties. 

The Catholic Human Services Foundation located in Pittstown, New Jersey, promotes and enhances the quality of life for a broad and diverse population of people in need, inclusive of organizations that serve individuals with disabilities. 

The Foundation has been a supporter of Cheshire Home for many years. Recently, The Catholic Human Services Foundation generously awarded Cheshire Home $7,000 for the purchase of two Vital Signs Monitor units for Nursing. The Foundation also awarded a $7,000 grant for the purchase of the FES Electronic Upper Body System for our Physical and Occupational Therapy Center, and an $8,500 grant to Cheshire supporting the purchase of a Polaris Ranger Snow Remover which will ensure safety during winter months for residents, staff, visitors and emergency personnel. We also recently received a $7,800 grant for the purchase of two stackable dryers for our health care facility’s laundry room.

The Catholic Human Services Foundation's contributions have also supported the purchase of a Roho Mapping System for our Physical Therapy Center, heating upgrades, a new dietery serving table, and a security system to safeguard our residents and staff. 

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.

The Foundation, a longtime supporter of Cheshire Home, has awarded our organization grants in excess of $50,000 since 2002. Most recently, they awarded Cheshire Home $7,361 to support the installation of automatic doors leading to the resident’s terrace.

Through the years, the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation's contributions have also aided in the purchase of an RT 300 Cycle for our Physical Therapy Center, installation of our assistive, custom-made lobby reception desk, the purchase of assistive technology for our specialized training programs, and specialized transportation in vehicles equipped for power and manual wheelchairs.

The TD Charitable Foundation provides financial support to organizations in their banking communities, that offers services to disadvantaged individuals. A priority of their mission is training that improves the quality of life and provides opportunities for advancement.

Since 2010, the TD Charitable Foundation has awarded Cheshire Home grant funding, totaling close to $40,000, dedicated to our Community Resource Center’s specialized training programs. This generous funding has been essential to our ability to help residents advance in their employment and higher education.

In addition to the grant program, TD has supported Cheshire Home through their Affinity program as well as through sponsorships and donations throughout the year. To participate in TD Bank’s Affinity program and support Cheshire Home, please contact your local TD Bank.


Recent Grants

  • Charles G. & Elizabeth Mortimer Foundation
    7/31/20   $5,000
  • Madison Rotary
    6/6/20   $1,348
  • Kessler Foundation
    5/29/20   $26,416
  • Emerson Solutions
    4/22/20   $6,000
  • Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation
    3/25/20   $10,000
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