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Success Stories

Hans Forbes

Hans came to Cheshire Home on June 6, 2016 and within two years has made life-changing progress. While at Cheshire Home, Hans dedicated himself to rehabilitation. He attended physical therapy 6 days a week, occupational therapy 5 days a week, and speech therapy. He also participated in A.B.L.E (Awareness By Learning Experience) and the many fun activities offered by our Recreation Department. His hard work has certainly paid off!

In late March 2018, Hans moved to Community Housing at Saint Thomas in Old Bridge, which gives him more independence and is the next step in his journey. He is planning to go back to Middlesex County College to continue his degree in Criminal Justice and looks forward to living closer to his family. 

On his time at Cheshire Home, Hans commented, "I came to Cheshire Home not being able to walk, and now I’m leaving basically walking." We wish Hans all the best!

Neil Rosen

Neil, a Cheshire Home resident, has made great strides during his time with us. He has committed himself to following a regular physical therapy and occupational therapy regime and participates in Cheshire’s A.B.L.E. (Awareness By Learning Experience) program.

 We were very happy to hear in December that Neil would be taking a course at the County College of Morris for Event Planning and Marketing starting in January 2018. He enjoyed the course so much that he has decided to pursue the Restaurant Management and Event Planning Certificate of Achievement. The certificate consists of 6 classes with subjects that include hospitality, marketing, event planning and food management.

We are so proud of Neil as he begins this professional journey. His drive is truly admirable.

Charles Buschmann
Charles spent 11 months at Cheshire Home, focusing on physical therapy here, and at Kessler Rehabilitation, five days each week. He returned in June of 2017 to his family home, and during the summer months he will be auditing a course at Hunter College in preparation for attendance in the spring of 2018. Previously he majored in Government and The Classics, and he is happy to return to academia. When Charles was asked what his experience at Cheshire Home meant to him, he noted that the peer environment was very significant, seeing and talking with people at various stages of recovery. He worked hard at his own rehabilitation, and shared that the care and services he was provided at Cheshire Home made it possible for him to not only return home, but return home successfully. "If I had left sooner, like I initially wanted to, I just would not have been able to make it. I needed the transitional time to prepare, to learn to live independently, and now I'm ready."

Herson Ledezma
After three years of rehabilitating at Cheshire Home, in May of 2017 Herson rejoined his parents, who he said are his motivation to live, in Costa Rica. Herson feels that he could not have found a better place anywhere, than Cheshire Home, where he was well cared for by our nurses and care assistants, and where he could work in physical therapy so that he could go home again. "At Cheshire I felt very comfortable and was treated with respect," he said, "and I will miss everyone." He added with a smile that he will miss the parties, also, when residents, staff, family and friends forget the work for a little while, and celebrate...together.

At one of these parties, we all discovered that Herson has a beautiful singing voice, and he joined the Holiday Express orchestra in entertaining residents, staff, family and friends!

Liana Kraenzlin
Liana resided at Cheshire Home for slightly more than two and a half years, during which time she feels she benefited greatly from nursing and physical therapy. She has noted that the peer support  at Cheshire was a huge factor in her rehabilitation being a positive experience. Advancing from from Cheshire Home to Cheshire II, our community home in Parsippany, she now lives semi-independently, still within the comfort of a supportive environment.

When asked to reflect on what has been most significant to her through her transition, she answered, “I have my independence back! I feel like myself again. My time at Cheshire Home enabled me to become healthy, emotionally and physically.” Liana, who is a nurse, volunteers in the community, drives her own van, and works as a Cheshire receptionist. We're happy to see her on her frequent work days.

Julissa Santiago
Julissa Santiago moved into her own private apartment and has been living there successfully for several months. While rehabilitating at Cheshire Home, she pursued her interest in dramatic cosmetology, and worked a five-day schedule as a Walmart Associate in the Cedar Knolls store. Her employment at Walmart offered her valuable experience in working with the public. She enjoyed assisting customers in the Fitting Room area, and directing phone inquiries to the appropriate Department.

Julissa's flare for dramatic cosmetology has been fun to watch develop and we look forward to seeing the amazing things she does with her talent!

Rell Hamilton
Rell dedicated himself to comprehensive physical therapy at Cheshire and has advanced from Cheshire Home to Cheshire III, our community home in Florham Park. While at Cheshire Home he attended the County College of Morris as a Dean’s List student, maintaining an "A" average, and advancing further into the field of Accounting and Principle Management.

As he was carrying a busy course load, Rell worked, and continues to work, as a Cheshire Home front desk receptionist. He was also selected by Kessler to participate in a clinical study for people with paraplegia where, during dedicated time in the study, he walked with the use of the Robotic Skeleton.

"I will be living on my own and working as an accountant," Rell has stated very assuredly, and added, "No doubt." Now living semi- independently, we all pull for Rell to to use his many talents  to achieve his goals.

Perry Nazon

Perry, through his art, adds a touch of beauty and grace to our home. Perry has always been interested in art and developed his skill by taking classes at Union County College. We are very pleased that Perry has continued his passion here at Cheshire Home where he paints once a week and uses the computers in our onsite Community Resource Center for inspiration.

Pictured here, Perry’s latest creations include “Jamaica Beach”, “Smiling Lion” and “Yellow Orchid”. His art hangs throughout Cheshire Home, adding a bit of beauty to our facility. For the past year and a half, Perry has become quite the entrepreneur, converting his art to notecards to be sold. His plans for his art continue to grow, and we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next!

Aside from his art, Perry enjoys many different activities here at Cheshire Home. During the summer, he enjoys BBQs and trips to various parks that the Recreation Department plans, sitting in the sun on a warm day, working as a Cheshire Home receptionist on Saturdays or hanging out with his friends.

We are so proud of Perry, and all that he has accomplished.

David Nasser

We were all so proud when David achieved his independence from Cheshire Home. He moved into the community where he is active in advocating for disabled people living at home who require assistance. A frequent visitor, and friend to Cheshire Home’s residents and staff, David is quite remarkable.

While at Cheshire Home, David served as the Vice-President of Cheshire Home’s Resident Council. He was a recipient of the County College of Morris' scholarship program and earned his Associate’s Degree in Sociology. He regularly participated in events and trips- we even have a picture of David with the NY Jets Flight Crew!

All who know David are confident that his unique insights and diverse interests will contribute to many adventures yet ahead of him. 

Shay Drew
ShayShay, also a former resident, achieved her Masters Degree in Human Behavior and Organizational Psychology from Kean University in May of 2014. Shortly before graduation she became employed at Community Access in Elizabeth, which provides quality support services for people with developmental disabilities and at-risk adolescents. She fulfills a variety of Human Resources responsibilities, and works part time assigning and monitoring student projects at the Kean University Communications and Science Study Skills Lab.

Shay's degree provides future opportunities for consultation to a range of businesses and educational systems. As she advanced from Cheshire Home, she began work in the Marriage and Family Therapy Professional Diploma Program.


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