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Welcome to the Cheshire Home Café! 

Taste, variety and nutrition drive the daily preparation and serving of each meal. Our residents enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks freshly prepared onsite in our kitchen and served each day in our dining room. In addition to the diverse menus that are created by our dietary department, residents may also choose from a number of alternate meal options.

In excess of 76,000 meals are served annually, and our dining area also serves as the gathering place for weekly resident and staff get-togethers, birthday and holiday parties, recreation activities, and celebrations throughout the year! Take a look at our sample menu, served up by our cheerful Dietary team:

Week of January 12, 2019

Here's a sample menu for the week!

Breakfast: These cold winter months call for a warm breakfast to start the day. Coffee, eggs and oatmeal are our go-to's until the warmer weather rolls in.

Lunch: We enjoy lighter lunches on Wednesdays. This week, Marco's team is serving grilled chicken wraps with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and a spicy sauce.

Dinner: We don't know which dinner we're looking forward to most- cheeseburgers, Italian sausages, mac & cheese or stuffed baked potato! Yum!

Winter brings with it all sorts of opportunities for new recipes and hearty meals. Marco and his team are cooking up delicious treats each day! 






Recent Grants

  • Margaret Darrin Charitable Trust
    12/11/19   $7,500
  • Novartis
    12/9/19   $4,851
  • Union Foundation
    12/7/19   $4,155
  • The Ruffle Family Foundation
    12/3/19   $2,000
  • Fatzler Foundation
    11/11/19   $3,000
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