OT Intern Creates Grooming ADL Station!

Posted: Friday, August 31st, 2018
By Cheshire Home

Our Occupational Therapy department has welcomed several Occupational Therapy students to Cheshire Home to complete fieldwork. Most recently, Kendall, a Hofstra University student, joined the team at the beginning of the summer. Kendall was a great addition, as you could always find her in the PT/OT room with a smile and enthusiasm to help our residents!

While she was hard at work with Lauren, Cheshire Home’s Occupational Therapist, she was also working on a project that was quite impressive. Kendall created a Grooming ADL (activities daily living) Station. Pictured here, the station includes a portable sink made accessible for users to brush their teeth and get ready for the day! Stocked with equipment to assist those with limited hand movement hold a toothbrush, this station helps individuals complete routine hygiene tasks.

Kendall has completed her time here at Cheshire Home. We wish her the best as she continues to pursue a Masters in Science and Occupation Therapy!

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