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“Super” Game Time at Cheshire Home

Posted Tue, Feb 6th, 2018 By Cheshire Home

Cheshire Home is best known for it’s skilled nursing staff, state of the art physical therapy equipment and unique training programs offered at our Community Resource Center. However, what you may not have known about Cheshire Home is the sheer dedication to football season from residents and staff! Throughout the season, you can often hear many conversations about wins, losses, plays, injuries and predictions, around our facility. Most get in on the football fun with a bit of friendly competition. We are home to a diverse group of football fans!

We spent Super Bowl LII much like we spent the entire season- enjoying it together! While our home teams didn’t make it to the end game, we were all excited to root for the Eagles and Patriots. What a game it was!

Volunteers through the YMCA Togetherhood program made it an extra special night by hosting our annual Super Bowl party. These generous volunteers brought games, prizes, delicious snacks and a fun spirit for an unforgettable evening!

Thank you to Togetherhood for your time and generosity. And, of course, CONGRATS to the Eagles for their big win!

(Only 7 months until the start of the 2018 season... but who's counting?)



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