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Morris County Student Nurses Train at Cheshire Home

Posted Wed, Apr 26th, 2017

Eighteen LPN nursing students from the Morris County School of Technology in Denville recently trained at our health care facility, under the supervision of Clinical Instructor Susan Marotta, RN, BSN, and Cheshire Home Director of Nursing Madelyn Cerrato, RN.

Throughout their six-week program, each nursing candidate learned to provide hands-on care and gained knowledge in areas including the dispensing of medication, wound and tracheal care, and dressing changes.

Ms. Marotta, who moved from hands-on nursing four years ago to begin teaching, indicated that upon first visiting Cheshire Home and speaking with Ms. Cerrato, she knew her students would be in the right place. "Madelyn's leadership and level of care for the residents and her staff was evident right away," she said. "This is a very special place and the training was a wonderful experience for my students. The staff was very welcoming, and the residents very accepting of us as we trained to offer them care."

Ms. Cerrato is, as always, pleased to partner with the Morris County School of Technology. She stated that it was a learning experience all around, and that, "It is certain the students will become familiar with spinal cord injuries and neurological deficiencies and how to effectively treat this population." She then added, "Another bonus is that of the Cheshire staff becoming adjunct teachers and leaders in a superb profession!"



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