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Here's to a Great 2018!

Posted Thu, Dec 28th, 2017 By Cheshire Home

Happy 2018!

As we ring in the New Year, we are filled with excited for the year ahead! In 2017, we saw many residents transition to independent living. Some furthered their education. Others started professional journeys. We were humbled by the volunteers that came to Cheshire Home to help complete projects, and our hearts were filled by all the generosity our nonprofit organization received. We will sure look back on 2017 fondly here at Cheshire Home!

Today, we look ahead at the year to come with excitement! We are looking forward to the old friends we will see come through our doors to volunteer. We are looking forward to making new friends who will extend a helping hand. We are hopeful to receive the funds we need to continue offering our residents exceptional and groundbreaking care.

Most of all, we are looking forward to watching our residents make great strides in their physical, educational and professional goals. It’s a spectacular feeling to watch a resident succeed and we know that this will happen throughout the year. It’s never an easy road, but with determination we know they will be able to re-gain independence and transition back to their homes.

At Cheshire Home, we are wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2018 filled with personal accomplishment!



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