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From Horses to Drums, Our Recreation Department Brings the Fun to Cheshire Home!

Posted Fri, Nov 10th, 2017 By Cheshire Home

Noble and Danny

Our Recreation Department is constantly filling Cheshire Home with excitement as they host fun events. We are home to many different people, with many different interests. Recreation does a great job of planning diverse events that everyone wants to become involved in. This past week Cheshire Home has been a-buzz with unique activities.

 We love when our furry friends visit! This week Noble stopped by to say ‘Hello’ to Cheshire Home. Noble, a 1 year old miniature horse from "Hope's Promise" in Chester, trotted in and stole everyone’s heart! Therapy pets are said to produce relaxing endorphins and that’s just what Noble did! Our residents enjoyed petting, scratching and even talking to him. He was a good boy who seemed to love all of the pony snuggles he received.

 We also enjoyed a visit from Drums of Unity! Drums of Unity is an interactive social event combining music therapy, cognitive function, tactile stimulation and entertainment experienced through a unified Drum Circle environment. Classes are gauged according to the functionality of the participants ranging from non-to fully functional. Drummers are encouraged to smile and have fun! Everyone who participated had a blast!

 Each week at Cheshire Home is different and exciting largely because of our Recreation Department. The special events, trips and parties they plan allow our residents to have new experiences and brings everyone together for socialization. These events are where friendships are built and we become more of a community. We can’t wait to see what next week has in store!



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