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Extra! Extra! Read All About Our Summer!

Posted Wed, Aug 30th, 2017 By Cheshire Home

Cheshire Home Chronicle

We’ve had lots happening at Cheshire Home this summer, and are excited to announce that our summer 2017 newsletter is here to let you know what’s been going on around our facility!

First, and most importantly, several of our residents have transitioned out of Cheshire Home. Liana now lives in Cheshire II in Parsippany, and is a regular visitor of Cheshire Home where she works as a receptionist and speaks with guests about her Cheshire Home experience. Herson and Charles have moved home with their families, getting back into the swing of life in their hometowns. Julissa has moved into her own apartment and Rell has advanced to Cheshire III in Florham Park. We truly will miss seeing these residents daily, but are incredibly proud of the progress they’ve made!

The summer has been lots of fun for our residents and staff. The Recreation Department planned many trips to take advantage of the beautiful weather that May, June, July and August brought! From BBQs at Liberty State Park to our Point Pleasant trips, we have all enjoyed these special outings together.

While the summer has been fun, it’s also been a busy time for staff! We are in the midst of planning our Casino Night, which will be held on October 28th. Contact Barbara at for ticket information. The next Cheshire Home Paper Shred Day will be held on April 14th. We hosted 18 student nurses from Morris County School of Technology and numerous groups of volunteers. We’ve certainly seen a lot of traffic here at Cheshire Home over the past few months!

We will miss the summer, but are gearing up (literally) for the fall! We are all ready for cooler weather, fall foliage and FOOTBALL! Cheshire Home has quite the football fan base who are breaking out their team’s colors and are ready to watch their favorite players hit the field! Will it be the Giant’s year or the Jet’s year? The jury is still out, but we are all ready for a great season!



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