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Cheshire Home is Now Offering an eBay Business Course!

Posted Fri, Mar 2nd, 2018 By Cheshire Home

“eBay Apprentice Program”- Opening and Operating an eBay Business

Cheshire Home's Community Resource Center is now offering a new and exciting course for residents and community students! “eBay Apprentice Program”- Opening and Operating an eBay Business teaches students the skills they need in order to successfully create an eBay business of their own. The ongoing course will consist of ten 2-hour sessions with flexible scheduling at Cheshire Home.

What is the curriculum?        

  • Overview of an eBay Business
  • Learning the Cheshire eBay system- policies including bid time, Shipping Turn Around Time, and Return policy
  • Practical application: Photography, written descriptions, setting bids, posting on eBay
  • Navigating the eBay System, and monitoring items up for sale, including answering questions from potential customers
  • Shipping items
  • Continuation of process throughout the course

The course will fully incorporate hands-on management, and will help students develop skills in sales, photography, brief description writing, customer service, shipping and much more! “eBay Apprentice Program” will enable students with disabilities to gain new professional skills and spark an entrepreneurial spirit.

Along with the eBay Apprentice Program, our Resource Center offers Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Office, remedial reading, math, money management, and any other subject the student is interested in learning.

To enroll in our “eBay Apprentice Program”, or any other class we offer, please contact Jayne at Cheshire Home’s Community Resource Center at (973) 966- 1232 x 236, or by email at We look forward to hearing from you!


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