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Cheshire Home OT Team Creatively Builds Self-Feeding Tools

Posted Tue, Jul 24th, 2018 By Cheshire Home

Occupational Therapy is a vital part of Cheshire Home’s rehabilitative services. Our caring and creative team works intensively with residents to help them gain strength and learn new ways to complete life’s most essential tasks.

Cheshire Home’s Occupational Therapist, Lauren, is always coming up with new ways to help our residents as they work toward transitioning to independent living. Most recently, Lauren created a device using a mouth stick, magnet, and base, which has helped our young population gain the ability to feed themselves, play card games, and turn book pages. These actions would be much more difficult or impossible to accomplish without assistive tools for many of our residents.

Occupational Therapy has helped Resident Dany develop the strength needed to feed himself with this device. Dany, pictured here with Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Rachel, first started out by only breathing with the mouth stick in his mouth. As he built up strength in his core and neck, he was able to add more and more motion with the stick. Today, Dany is able to spin the stick, getting the spoon into the bowl, scooping food onto the spoon, putting the stick back on the magnet, spinning the stick with his head so that the food is facing his mouth, and taking a bite of the foods he loves.

Our OT team certainly makes a life-changing difference to the residents here at Cheshire Home, and we thank them for their hard work and dedication!



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