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New Jersey State-licensed as a special-care nursing facility for older teens and young adults with physical disabilities, Cheshire Home serves individuals who are mentally alert, with spinal cord injuries or neurological impairments, including cerebral palsy and spina bifida. Our mandate is to empower each resident to reach their highest level of self-sufficiency, and each program and service we provide points to that goal. Individuals are selected for admission based on their potential to benefit from our programs.

Our services, inclusive of skilled nursing and physical therapy, educational and vocational programming, computer instruction, recreational activities, employment opportunities, and specialized transportation, combine to maximize the potential for personal success. Our interdisciplinary, professional staff develops individualized care plans for each resident, with a focus on how we can best help each resident become self-sufficient, and how each resident can work toward the achievement of their goals. Eligible candidates are fully supported in the process of transitioning to independent living.  

Cheshire Home participates in Medicaid, Medicare, third party insurance programs and self-pay.

Cheshire II and Cheshire III are small, community-based homes established for individuals with disabilities who are able to live more independently. Please see the "Community Homes" page of this website.

If you would like to tour our facility or obtain additional information regarding admission to Cheshire Home, Cheshire II or Cheshire III, please call our Director of Admissions, Mandy Hecht at (973) 966-1232, extension 219.


Recent Grants

  • Emerson Automation Solutions
    4/2/19   $5000
  • Margaret Darrin Trust
    12/21/18   $5,000
  • Coloni Family Foundation
    12/14/18   $5,000
  • Charles Read Foundation
    12/10/19   $1,000
  • Union Foundation
    11/21/18   $2,800
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